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Reviews & Testimonials

"Appreciate this group welcoming me in. It’s an amazing team of people that are there to help us get better. I was nervous getting started at jiu Jitsu and now I’m 3 months in and happy that everyone was so kind and caring with me while I was just beginning. Nobody was trying to hurt anyone and it is an ego free gym. Highly recommend."     Todd B. (Nov. 2022)

"When I moved to the area these people treated me like family immediately. Everyone works extremely hard with a positive mindset and are willing to learn as much as possible. If you’re in the area looking for jiujitsu it’s the place to be!"  Nick J.  (Sept. 2022)

"Leake BJJ is the best! Such a great atmosphere with awesome people, and great jiu jitsu! You’ll make really great friends here and learn from one of the best black belts around! The team is like a family. If you miss some classes they miss you, and encourage you to get back in there! Self defense, fitness, competitive encouragement… whatever you’re looking for, Leake’s has it!  Zach S.  (March 2022)

"This in an awesome place!! They have treated all of the kids so well and they have learned so much in such a short period of time! I could not have asked for a better set of coaches!!"  Michelle F.  (July 2021)

"Fantastic place to learn, train and grow. Had never practiced BJJ until going to Leake BJJ and was welcomed with open arms. They really take the time to work with you no matter your ability level. Everyone is professional and incredibly knowledgeable. It's a great place and I highly recommend it."  Nicola M. (July 2021)

"Mike is a great teacher and has a great way of explaining things in a way that makes sense and making certain everyone understands the instructions. Everyone there has been incredibly welcoming and helpful!"  Mike M.  (Nov. 2020)

"Excellent training for both children and adults!Jill H.  (Sept. 2020)

"For the whole family! Leake Brazilian Jiu Jitsu offers woman and kids classes! The are professional and very clean! We absolutely love it here!"  Heather C. (Aug. 2020)

"Great place to train bjj. If your looking for a place to train near nixa or south springfield this is the place. James C (Dec. 2018)

"Mike is one of the best around!! His dedication to the students is unmatched. Glad he is local and he is willing to share his knowledge of jiu jitsu."     Dustin K. (Nov. 2018)

Free Trial

Free Trial

We believe that everyone needs jiu jitsu in their life, but we also know that choosing the right academy is extremely important.  We invite you to come visit for a free trial to see if our Leake BJJ family is the right fit for you.

Thanks! We are excited to connect as you explore the next step in your jiu jitsu journey!